Buying a car with Cleverdons

Cleverdons work closely with each client to establish the exact requirements for your car together with any budget guidelines you may have. In order to ensure that we get the right car at the right price for you, we often source vehicles from outside of France. We only use authorsied suppliers with whom we have established relationships. This means that we can attain competitive prices and also gives us access to a far greater range of models for you to choose from.

Once we have discussed your requirements, we will send you specifications of your selected vehicles, complete with pictures and prices. We then discuss the options together with you, offering expert and friendly advice, until between us we have selected your ideal car. We deliver it fully valeted and with all the relevant documentation.¬†Read more about “Working with Cleverdons”

Cars we can supply

Cleverdons can source an incredible range of vehicles depending on your specific requirements. By clicking on the pictures or car-types below, you can view a selection of cars that we can, or have already – supplied. Don’t worry if you don’t see the car that you want we can prepare a Free Fully Tailored Quote or even set about Sourcing a Vehicle For You right now.